A Photo Tour of our Spring Break

With brief descriptions as we go, spring break in photographic order. We decided to catch up on some movies that the rest of you have seen, but we haven't.

We also wanted to watch an Academy Award Nominated film, but settled on this instead. Kasey swears it was nominated for best something at some festival or another, whatever, it was hilarious.

I had my first 3-D experience, though Kasey sand Uncle Kyle stayed home with the kids so Blaire and I could go.  Considering how scared I was, I was pretty sure that Grace and Em needed to stay behind.

 We also had to do something outside, considering we wanted to paint the house this week and only managed to come up with cold rainy and soon snowy days that prevented us from doing so.  So I settled on the porch swing.  Of course you get a before circa 2008 and an after from tonight, yes I am aware that my swing has been snowed on by the ridiculous Oklahoma weather.
The bottom looks like the back of the swing, it is just covered in snow now and the frame is black.
Next, the best picture of Kasey, er I mean Santa Claus that you have seen RE: 2005 with the old kitchen in the background. 
The last of our spring break has been spent fixin' up the kitchen in between naps, after bedtimes and during the snow.  Enjoy, please let the work week start so I can get some rest.
We got the backsplash for three dollars after some teenage kid charged us for two tiles instead of two boxes of tiles.

We took a pic of the door not because we love the door, but rather because the legitimate camera is missing so we are on cell phones that don't have flashes and you can see the red that we put on the walls.  You get the point, hope everyone had a good week! We are going to bed!


Kyle and Blaire said...

ooooo, we love it! can we come see it tomorrow?!

very impressive.

we got to spend the night cleaning up the washing machine's mess. it decided to pee all over the laundry room floor. maybe we get to get a new one!

genderist said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see it in person!