The difference between kid 1 and kid 2

I know that we have now grown as parents.  This became apparent when I found Emilie last week rumaging through the house.  Specifically, through the bathroom.  Even more specifically, well the picture speaks a 1,000,000 germs, er, words.

So, if this were 2008 and Grace were the one with her precious little head in the potty, I would have had to cancel Christmas in order to spend extra hours bathing the sweet one to get the icky off.  With Emilie, my laughter outweighed the panic.  Thankfully I had the sense of mind to grab the camera on my way to the Germ X bottle, which is, by the way the course of action for baby #2. 

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genderist said...

Oh, what a wonderful picture to go in her senior year book!!