Einstein Pooping Snow

You were hoping I had found some interesting fact about Einstein? Nope, just summarizing our lives in three words or less. You know, it's like when you used to take your street name and put it in front of your last name to see what kind of stripper you were. Mine was always "Gray Fox Lehman" which made it sound as though I were some 65 year old gray-haired Grannie who was workin' the clubs to feed a meth habit, no offense to Grandmas, clubs or drug addicts. Well okay maybe offensive, but where were we?

Emilie is busy making preparations to turn one. What that means for Emilie? Presents, parties, a Baby Einstein theme that only the internet carries such that $2.93 plates became $7.99 plates because shipping & handling from the internet is worse than Oklahoma City taxes, and THAT is saying something! So after some arts and crafting, we fashioned some invitations, spent half the savings on filling helium in the ballons, and made some good deals remembering that Walmart has site-to-store free shipping!

Em is also prepping to be evaluated by SoonerStart this week, which is the OKC child development agency that will help us determine if Em has a "developmental delay." Which is great because if she does, their services are free, and if not it is even greater because, well you sillies then she doesn't have any delays.

And as is always the case with Em, we also are making phone calls today to have another surgery done. She needs the shunt in her eye moved, as it has moved anterior. This also happens to be GOOD NEWS because the docs hope that once we move that tube that Em will actually lose most of the cloudiness in her left eye too! That would be her best birthday present!

And, if you haven't heard, Grace is pooping in the potty. By the way, if you aren't a parent or haven't cleaned up after an invalid, you may need to stop reading here. Just like there were some delevery suprises and pregnancy suprises that NO BOOK discusses and just happen to be cute little shockers when you get there, a child learning to poop in the potty has the same such shock. No one tells you that learning to poop in the potty with a kid is the equivalent to grabbing the dog who has started to crap on the carpet and running frantically out the door. If they haven't told you that yet, you are in for quite the treat. Grace's first "poop" in the potty amounted to her "in the act" begging to sit on her new princess potty while we grab her under the pits, holding her a fair amount away (as if poop would go flying on us?) wondering how much will hit her pants (or worse-THE FLOOR) and we slide into home base with a little submarine in the bottom of the potty, no mess-no "bad pants." Just one happy customer who now gets a ring poop, I mean pop, ring pop. (Thanks for that tip Tracy!) It's better now, I mean now she can say, "I have to poop" and we can run together into the bathroom and then sit down, but no one told us the first 10 "I have to poops" mean "I am pooping and you better just hope you can maneuver pants down, potty balance and no emotional trauma to me before this process is done." Thanks for the heads up on that one, guys.

Last, but not least, SNOW PICTURES!!!


Bryan said...

Cute pics!

Killackey said...

Holy cow, this is ADORABLE!!!

genderist said...

Nice to get a post again! Fun pictures, too.

We're looking forward to the party on Sunday!

Keep me in the loop for the upcoming tests and surgeries.