Christmas Morning!


Kasey and I had to decide for the first time how we wanted Santa Claus to drop off toys for our first Christmas at home as a family. Having opened up our camcorder present from Grandma (thanks Granny!) we set out to put together some Christmas fun. We decided to mostly go with Kasey's version of Santa, mainly because we didn't want to spend all of today building and we built all the toys that needed to be constructed and didn't wrap them but them set them out in front of the tree.

Following our daycare provider's advice we also chose special Santa papers to wrap the Santa presents in.

We worked our little elvin butts off during nap time yesterday, but all was constructed. At 12:30 a.m. last night, Santa struck the house and left the following goods:

We also have the girls starting to open presents.  We have two more but because it takes long to post, we will have to get to those tomorrow.  It's like Christmas in two parts.  Enjoy!

All right going to go out on a limb and go ahead and post the other two tonight because neither girl is ready for bed and I have been able to let these upload while we were chasing kids...Number 3 is ready...

And, hold on, you know you are curious enough to need to see four and finale if you've still been watching thus far!

Have a Happy Christmas everyone!

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genderist said...

The second video won't load. :(

But we really enjoyed the first one!