The "It's Been Too Long" Update and Pics

I know, I know. I haven't been keeping much up, so if we haven't talked lately, here is what is going on.

Emilie has had three doctor visits since 8/19 surgery. Her eyes are doing well. The last doctor's visit that I took Em in for was because her left eye came up with a massive red spot. When I called, they told me to bring her in right away. Turns out, she busted a blood vessel in her eye, but it was "no big deal," which only means that it was no big deal to them. We were freaked.

That was on September 29th.

On September 30th, Grace decided she didn't appreciate Emilie getting all of the attention and decided to have herself a seizure.

I only say this in a light hearted manner now, after it has been 3 weeks without a repeat. Saving some grueling emotions and a BUNCH of tears from this household, I will suffice it to say that the Doc essentially told us that kids have seizures, often unexplained, and that we have to keep watching her. Grace had started a new allergy medication, one which we immediately stopped. She seems to be doing great.

The last medical update is that Emilie was just observed on Friday under anesthesia and her eyes are actually doing great! Her pressures in her right eye are at 17 and pressures in the left are at 14, both of which fall in the normal/high normal category. She has officially been given the prescription for glasses, so look for newer and even cuter pictures to be coming from Emilie soon...

I even think our surgeon and doctor might somehow be reading this blog, because he even made the comment that he didn't have to sign her eyes since we were looking at both. He must know we are collecting pictures from Emilie's medical adventures.

We have now been attempting to get finished with Kasey's musicals and also just been looking for some kind of free time to get to Kansas to visit our family there.

We are pleased with our picking of Halloween costumes, as Kasey seems to think the girls look extremely scary wearing, which are OSU cheerleader outfits.
The one thing I will say is that we have not anticipated how hard it is to get two girls to look at a camera at the same time. And while we have tried on many occasions to get this to happen, we still have better pics of the two sperately than we do together. You will also notice some of Kasey's new mastery in the background, as he seems to think he is a master pumpkin carver. Such a master of the live botanics, that he (okay and I) left the pumpkin outside, to which is was rained on and molded within two days. He re-carved a headless horsemen into a new pumpkin that he have. Upon completion, Grace informed him that it was too scary and made him turn on the lights and blow out the candle. So much for jack-o-lanterns in this house.

Those pics are to follow and you should be getting some in the mail soon (although soon most likely means after Halloween!)

The girls otherwise are doing well, Grace is close to completing her potty training, we just have to go two weeks accident free and we will leave behind the pull-ups and Emilie is now crawling and saying "mama" and "dada." She also seems to have cheered up more since becoming more mobile. (Video coming soon)

We are blessed to have the little ones in our lives and look forward to hearing from you all as well.

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Yay! What fun, pretty girls!!