Home Improvement and a Little Game of "Where's Emmie?"

Kasey hounded me about posting about home improvement. He is already annoyed by how I have asked him to "ooo" and "ahhh" over every $3.00 change made in the house, but we really needed to be able to get some things done before debate season starts.
So. We made some changes to the rooms in the house, took the girls both to the doctor who both were diagnosed with ear infections and both were given allergy medicine and I spent a good 40 minutes chasing a wild baby bird through our house. Aaaand, I think that about covers labor day weekend. While you look at the pictures, it was Kas' suggestion to "hide" Emilie in each of the photos for visual stimulation. See if you can find her in each of our home improvements.
We started in the back bathroom. There happens to be a before and after photo because when I started this, I didn't anticipate doing anything else to the house. We pulled wallpaper, added some new pretties, installed shower shelves, and built some storage which looked silly, so we unbuilt the storage and opted to cover some light fixtures and bought new lights instead.

And you know how these things tend to go, you start in one place and it spills to the other. So we replaced the light cover in the bedroom and added some cubes that had been given to us from Grams and Pops. (Not pictured) I don't know how this managed to spill into the kitchen, but it did. New rugs there, got the fall stuff out from storage which turned into re-organizing a few of the drawers as well.
That's when the bird started to play. We heard a familiar thumping in the fire place. Unfortunately, I say familiar because at least four times in my life there has been a bird in the fire place. My mom reminded me that we chased a bird through the house when she was living in the house, and then I know that David and I also once previously chased a bird out of the fireplace while Kasey waited in the bedroom "protecting Grace." Don't worry, he stayed in the bedroom with both girls this time while I chased the scared bird through the rooms, off of my head and hair, to the back and front of the fire place, through the kitchen, behind the couch and back to the outside of the fireplace before I finally got the sheet over him to set him free outside. Thanks for watching the kids, husband, well done. Once finished with the bird fiasco, we pulled some stuff from the living room, moved the furninture and added the corner lamp.
Finally, we cleaned up the clustered mess by getting rid of the baby bathtub (another milestone in this house), replacing it with a pink duckie bathtub which hangs up inside the tub, buying some better storage for toys and getting some stackable shelving for some shampoos as well. It gave us back some floor space and it became the center of the evening's attention as the girls fought over who got to bathe in the pink duck. Even Grace's new turtle toy holder didn't hold a candle to the red-tinted quacker.


Angie said...

Thank goodness Kasey was there to protect the little ones. LMAO. What a turd! Sounds like something Michael, our cousin, would do.

Ashley said...

OMG! This post cracked me up! I could so visualize the bird chase with Kasey making sure the girls were okay. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Now, can you bring some of that energy and motivation over to my house, please?