Grace's New Talent???

So, we are getting more and more convinced that Grace is going to grow up to do what Grace wants to do. A while back Grace told Grams that she loved the cheerleaders at a basketball game and now last night she picks up a tent pole and decides to start "twirling" it. That's her words. Now, I know that Grandma was a baton twirler for a time, but absent Granny doing some secret training sessions, I have no idea where this comes from.

Crap, here comes cheerleading camp...Kasey seems to think that if we let her near anything that has to do with Cheer, she'll never grow up to be a debater. Nevermind that one of his best students that got a ton of awards was in POM. Who knows, either way, it's worth 19 seconds to check it out!


Ashley said...


Kyle and Blaire said...

Yes! She is making her Aunt B proud!
There is nothing wrong with a cheering debater!

genderist said...

We need more majorettes in this world!