Emilie Birthday Photos

Here are Emilie's pictures from the birthday party she had at daycare and opening presents at home!
We ordered cookies from Eileen's Cookies, they were great!!
 Here are Emile's Friends, left side from top is Ben, Grace, and Geneva.  Right side from top is Levi, Kayla, Iyla.
 Why doesn't she smile like this @ home?!?
 This week, having decided that Jacob would marry 'Drea, Grace has declared that she will marry Levi.  I am okay with this. 

 Emilie's present and Giant Cookie for home, thanks to my 3rd hour drama kids for wrapping these!! It was a busy week preparing for more snow!!

We still have these from Emilie's first birthday!  If I am lucky, we will be able to keep them until she is 6.  We lit the 'E' and the 'M' this year and they burned fast!!! I don't know if we'll be able to light them every year!

Emilie opening her Dora Mega Blocks.  She actually got these for Christmas but on Christmas morning she was so pumped about the tricycle Santa got her, she totally forgot about the Dora Blocks.  So we wrapped them again and called it birthday, she loved them the SECOND TIME we gave them to her!

That's a tea set-thank you after Christmas sale.

The tent that was discontinued at Target, sold out because of the Blizzard at Wal-Mart and over-priced at Toys R Us.  But the girls think it's fine.

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genderist said...

Yay! HBDTY Em! We love you!!