The Mole

Well, as usual things never go as planned. Today that absolutely worked in our favor. When we arrived this morning at the hospital for Emilie's surgery the doctors had already decided that they wouldn't take the entirety of Emilie's mile because it was probably too invasive. They took almost the whole thing, leaving about 2 mm of dark spot and some of the very light spots alone. I told the docs this would be emilie's first hair cut and they were more than happy to save her hair for me! After she woke up the nurse told kasey that emi looked up and said, "all done?" We are glad she did well and is currently up and tormenting her sister. The only strange part of today is that we won't know the results for another three weeks. However, we are at least relieved that regardless of the biopsy results, about 98% of the mole is already gone. I want to go snuggle with the kids so I'll leave the updates at that. Sorry, typed this from my phone, so it's probably barely legible. Thanks for all of your prayers and support!

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genderist said...

Thanks for the update!! Keep us in the loop. We love us some Emilie.