Happy Anniversary To Us!

At this moment four years ago, I was arriving at the church to discover that the groom's cake was missing strawberries. It was the worst part of my day, so we frantically sent Elanna to scrounge the metro for chocolate dipped strawberries to put around the outside of the cake. Sometime around this time is when Blake, Jake, and Nick were convincing Kasey that he could escape out the back of the church. A joke that I can only laugh about now, because even when Kasey told me about it back then I was fuming, even after the wedding. I remember having to be ready by 1:00 p.m. to be ready to take the pictures with the Asian guy and "Becca" whom we later, upon reflection, realized wasn't "Becca" at all, but rather "Backup" as she was the one taking the second set of pictures. Either way, Impressions Photography did a great job.

And, as is customary, I have to use our anniversary to reflect on how much Kasey and I have changed. We thought about what we are doing tonight, which consists of going to Red Lobster and maybe going for a movie. We already sound like we are celebrating our silver or pewter or we-are-old-as-dust anniversary, but the truth is that Kasey and I are reality tv hacks and we want to go taste Jeffrey's dish (who is the guy who should have won Food Network's "Next Food Network Star") which is currently on their menu. We could go somewhere nicer, or quieter, or even more local or authentic, but on a night where we are celebrating why we work so well together, it seems only fitting that we would spend tonight chasing down some probably OK dish that reality tv created. Oh, and we'll love it. Even if it is an awful experience, we'll love it.

And is it just me, or does four years not seem to do justice to how long it feels like it has really been? Not long as in "this has been torturous" long, but it seems crazy that four years has brought two kids and two job changes and two high school reunions for each of us. We are still proud of what we have achieved and we are just thankful for each other, thankful for our families, and thankful for our health.


Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy your night out on the town!

genderist said...

We're thankful that yall are our friends... because it was shortly after this big day that we met! Happy Anniversary!!

(i was cheering for the mommy, not jeffrey)

bad shoe guy said...

It is hard to believe that it was only 4 years ago. Congratulations to the best friends I know.

Additionally, I already followed you on this blog, Jana. I was fearful of labeling myself a follower for fear that you'd stop posting on this one, too.

Also, congrats on the cup. I know it's at its rightful home now.